Our service includes:

For the Young

Chichester Boys Club

The boys club is the main youth club for Chichester. It welcomes both boys and girls as members. The Rotary Club of Chichester gives financial support and provides the overall management of the youth club.



Donation being given to the Boys Club Manager.

Chichester Childrens Poetry Competition

The competition is held annually and is open to children living or attending schools in Chichester and West Sussex. The competition has been running successfully for many years and always attracts over one hundred entries.


Chichester Children's Poetry Competition 2015 Winners Winners of the Poetry Competition.

Youth Speaks

The Youth Speaks Public Speaking Competition for School Children is held annually in the Chichester area and forms part of a national competition organised by The Rotary Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland. It helps to develop this vital skill in the young.

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Mayor of Chichester presenting Youth - Speaks Shield.

Steam Train Event for Children

This is an annual event for children from

St Antony's and Fordwater Schools. The children enjoy  riding on scale model trains at the Chichester Model Engineers site. Rotary club members organise and supervise the event.

Steam Train Event.

For the Elderly and the community in general

The Christmas Tree of Goodwill at the Chichester Cross each Year.


Outings for the elderly from care homes.


Grocery vouchers and food hampers for the needy at Christmas time.


Stroke awareness day where we arrange blood pressure measurements.


Support to International Disaster relief through our Worldwide network of Rotary Clubs.


Raising funds from our members and the public

to support local and international good causes.


The Rotary Christmas Tree of Goodwill.

For our Members

Regular Lunches and Dinners with guest speakers

on a wide variety of subjects.


Club outings to Places of Interest.


Social Events with our partners and friends.


Exchange visits with other clubs in UK and abroad.


Fellowship is an important part of the Rotary Ethos.

A Luncheon event with visitors from the Rotary Club of Chartres.


President 2018 Margo Andrews

Committee Activities

Service Projects Committee

The aims of our committee are to develop and implement educational, humanitarian, vocational and youth projects that address the needs of the local community, and communities in other countries across the globe. Each year we agree a programme of projects to focus on during the year and beyond.

Club Members entertaining the elderly.

There are plenty of opportunities for members to participate actively in our programme.

We are well-known for our Christmas street and supermarket collections, including the provision of the Rotary Christmas Tree of Goodwill at the Cross.

We also have our annual Steam Day which is enjoyed so much by the children from Fordwater and St Anthony’s special schools, as well as our Poetry Competition, Youth Speaks and Know Your Blood Pressure Day. Our exchange activities with the Rotary Club of Chartres will also form an important part of our programme.

We will continue to work alongside our other local Rotary clubs at events including the Chichester 10km race and the Half Marathon, raising valuable funds for charities such as Chestnut Tree House and Children on the Edge.

In all our activities, we will be seeking to promote the aims of Rotary, to encourage awareness and participation from the local community, and to raise funds to help local and national charities.

Anyone is welcome to join us at one of our weekly lunch meetings, to come and see what we do, and perhaps become involved in some of our activities. Don’t be shy, do come along, you will find a warm welcome.




Public Relations Committee

It is our responsibility to ensure that the Rotary ethos and activities are truthfully projected to the local and wider community. Both in matters concerning our club and Rotary in general.

Club members with visitors from the Rotary Club of Chartres in France, at a visit to the British Airways i360 in Brighton.

To achieve our aims we:

  • Compose and publish the club's monthly magazine “Spokes” which is circulated to the members and available on this website.
  • Prepare and organise advertisements in the local newspaper, “The Chichester Observer”.
  • Prepare press releases to mark events demonstrating the Club's activities.
  • Make photographic records of the various club activities for the club's internal and external needs.
  • Prepare any hard copy promotional material that is required.
  • Regularly update this website with the latest information available.

Club Administration Committee

The Administration Committee is responsible for our basic calendar and liaison with the Park Hotel. We appoint Duty Rotarians for our meetings and find speakers for lunchtimes and fifth Tuesday meetings to which we also invite Rotary Widows, Honorary Members and other guests. Outings and special events are organised by us and we purchase Rotary Regalia and badges.

A Club evening event.

Membership Committee

Rotary brings together people from all walks of life, people who want to use their expertise for good, people whose sense of responsibility inspires them to give back to their communities. This Committee looks out for new members, whether 18 or retired, to join us for opportunities and friendship.

Membership promotion event at Chichester University.

Foundation Committee


Rotary International was the world’s first service club organisation and Foundation is Rotary’s own charity, supported by its 1.2 million members and outside benefactors. 

Event to promote Rotary in general.

Rotarians invest their time and expertise into challenging poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, health and conflict with sustainable solutions, giving a lasting impact.  Rotary’s largest current international project is Polio Plus where, working with World Health, we have eliminated this crippling disease in all but two countries.  The Bill Gates Foundation has now joined us in raising funds.


As a Committee, we persuade the Club to make a large annual donation to Polio Plus and we organise social events to reduce this cost to the Club.  We also encourage annual giving to Foundation by members, ensuring Gift Aid.


Through longstanding personal contacts, we support a children’s club extending across three towns and smaller villages in the Prahova Valley of Romania.  Our donations enable the extra-curricular teaching of arts, crafts, foreign languages, computer studies, electronics etc.


We are currently seeking another sustainable project where we can involve members’ skills and time.  Local projects can receive matching grants from Rotary Foundation through our District organisation and partnership with overseas Clubs can more than double our own contributions.  There are no administration or running costs taken out of these donations and local Rotary Clubs ensure accurate and cost effective project placement as well as continuing involvement to ensure the project’s sustaining success.  Rotary Foundation is a breathtaking success, making Rotarians all over the world proud of our organisation.